Privacy Choices

  • Data Subject Privacy Requests

  • Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information

1. Data Subject Privacy Request

Individuals may have certain rights to request information about their personal data, including with respect to receiving personal data reports and/or having us delete their personal data. To submit such a request, email us at [email protected]

2. Do Not Sell My Personal Information

This section describes how to exercise certain rights with respect to personal information that we may have collected about you through cookies or other mechanisms. The first part of this section entitled “A. Change Your Cookie Settings” describes actions you can take to opt out of cookies and similar tracking technologies. The second part of this section entitled “B. Other Opt Out Rights” enables you to submit an opt out request to limit how other types of personal information we may have about you are used by us for advertising purposes.

  • Change Your Cookie SettingsWhen you visit our site, we use certain technologies (“cookies”) stored on your browser to collect information. The information collected might relate to you, your preferences, or your device, and is mostly used to make the site work as you expect it to and to provide a more personalized experience. Some cookies on our site may not be delivered by us, but by third parties.
    Certain cookies, which generally fall within the categories of “Analytics Cookies” and “Targeting Cookies,” may be considered by some to fall under the definition of a “sale” or “sharing” of personal information for purposes of some state laws. You can opt out of these types of cookies by following the below instructions:

    • Our websites & similar properties – You can opt out of third-party and other cookies on the site you were previously on by returning to that site and selecting “Customize Cookie Settings” in the footer at the bottom of the page. This will open a menu where you can opt out of certain cookies including Analytics Cookies and Targeting Cookies. You will need to take this step for every browser and device you use, and renew the choice if you clear your browser cookies.
    • Our mobile apps – If you navigated to this page from a mobile app, you can opt out of third-party and other cookies or other technologies within that app by selecting  “Manage Cookies or Similar Technologies” from within your account or settings menus.  This will open a menu where you can opt out of certain technologies including Analytics Technologies and Targeting Technologies. You will need to take this step for every app and device you use and renew your choices if you change certain settings or reinstall the app.
    • Industry-wide opt-out – There is also an industry-wide opt out program for Targeting Cookies that allows you to opt out of receiving ad targeting cookies from a broad array of third parties on any site, not just ours. You can access that opt out program by clicking here: Submit an Ad Choices Request
  • Other Opt Out RightsWe may also have non-cookie based personal information about you that was collected in other ways, such as information you may have directly provided to us or information that we obtained from other sources. Some state laws may limit how we use this information to optimize advertising that you see.
    You can request that we not share the personal information we may have about you with outside third parties, and with brands within our family of brands that you have not interacted with, for purposes of them directing advertising to you. Where applicable, this request will also opt you out of advertising based on your personal data collected across entities that are not affiliated with Food Should Taste Good Brand. To submit such a request, email us at [email protected]

    If you would like us to delete the personal information we have about you, you can submit a Data Subject Privacy Request under Section 1 above.

3. Limit the Use of My Sensitive Personal Information

Laws in some states designate certain data attributes, such as data relating to health and wellness, ethnicity, etc., as sensitive. To submit a request to exercise your rights to opt out of processing of sensitive data under applicable law, email us at [email protected]