Food Should Do Good

Food should do more than just taste good, it should also do good things for you, and for the Earth too. Starting with our flax, quinoa and sunflower seeds, we are committed to advancing farming practices that help positively impact the health of the soil.

We support positive farming practices.
Beyond our non-GMO commitment, Food Should Taste Good™ is committed to sustainable farming practices by sourcing flax, quinoa and sunflower seeds from farms that care about the earth. Farms that are taking action to help make the soil healthier.  These farms support the key practices below.

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Minimizing Soil Disturbance
Reducing tillage helps protect the soil from erosion and improve its ability to absorb water.
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Maximizing Crop Diversity
Growing a diversity of crops helps naturally defend against pests and diseases while improving soil health.
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Healthy Soil is Important

As part of the food industry, we recognize that agriculture contributes to some of our most pressing sustainability challenges, and we believe that the most promising solutions start with healthy soil.

Our chips start from a small seed but we believe they can have a big impact.  We are on a journey to build soil health, and we believe farming practices are a way to do just that.

Food can do more than just taste good; it can do good things for you and the Earth.